Moveware has been designed and developed in a manner that enables it to be successfully implemented in different regions and for varying company types. One of the system’s strengths is its flexibility that allows us to configure it to meet the needs of many different businesses. However, we recognize that each company is different, and from time to time we get a request for a very specific system requirement that does not necessarily apply to the larger moving community, yet is a critical part of that client’s business. Our team of dedicated software developers surely love a challenge and will work on these requests to expand the system’s offerings and fit our client’s demands.


Before any development can commence, a detailed scope of the requirements will be completed by our development team together with your account manager. This will ensure all development done is exactly what you require, and that it will be fully compatible with the rest of the system and your company’s standard operating procedures. This scope will also guarantee no unnecessary time is invested on needless development, saving you on costs and preventing complications further down the road.

Development Safeguards

We follow very strict development release schedules, change testing processes and base code management to ensure your database is always secure and protected from unplanned disruptions. Our team of developers will work with you on setting up a proper timeline and process, for both the development to be completed, as well as the release timing and procedure, to ensure the upgrade in no way interferes with your day-to-day operation.

Cost Effective

There are many benefits to consider when comparing our custom development solutions to an in-house or third party development option. With our development team you get access to a large pool of developers that know both the system, as well as the industry inside out, giving you a unique perspective to benefit from when planning the most effective development route, at a fraction of the cost. Starting from an existing, working platform will also mean a quicker turnaround, so you can enjoy the benefits of the end product sooner.

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