Far from being a “static” system, our software is under constant review and development to always be at the forefront of available technology, and to add new features that meet the changing demands of the business. Our goal is to ensure the change to Moveware is the last software switch you will ever need to make

A Future-Proof Investment

Implementing a new software is not easy, especially when that software is an ERP that will revolutionize your business. You therefore need to plan well in advance and make sure the system you implement does not only server your company well today, but that it is capable of handling your planned growth and company expansion in the long run. With Moveware, you are not only guaranteed a flexible system that can be custom developed to cater specific needs, but also ongoing system improvements that are schedule-released twice a year with hundreds of new features and changes.

Industry Driven Enhancements

We rely heavily on the feedback we receive daily from our thousands of users worldwide to make the system better. In fact, over 80% of our twice-yearly upgrades are driven by changes requested by our clients. Imagine having access to this pool of industry knowledge and expertise that is constantly working on making our system as efficient and effective as it can be. This has, in the past, brought about all sorts of new features to the system, from simply adding a new field to record new mandatory data to completely new modules, like Fine Art Management and Relocation.

At the Forefront of Technology

With the speed at which technology advances, it is easy to get stuck in an archaic system that is no longer functioning properly but would be cost-prohibitive to upgrade from. Are you still working on a DOS based system, or on Windows XP? At Moveware, we work tirelessly to always ensure the system is ready to both adopt and take advantage of new technologies, such as new operating systems and new hardware.

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