A web-based portal that offers the ability for your clients to record move requirements directly from your existing web site to request a quote online, review it once received, and accept or reject it.

Once a job is active, MoveClient allows your customer to access their file information at any time from any place, track and trace their shipment and communicate with your team.

It makes for an extremely effective way of communicating with your clients, and can help reduce administration overheads.

Key Features

  • Easy to integrate into your existing website
  • Customizable to match your existing website’s colour pallet
  • Simple for the client to use
  • Integrated Web SSL Security with encrypted data transfer
  • Real-time connection to your Moveware Database for live updates of move status, documents and communication
  • Ability to publish Company News items and Useful Information
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Request for Quotation/ Lead capturing

  • Prospective clients can enter complete move details including address and contact information, which downloads automatically to your Moveware system and creates a new file
  • Clients can have the option of entering a complete room by room Inventory list to auto estimate the volume and weight of the move, or to do a simplified minimum detail quote request
  • Opportunity to list special or difficult Items, record storage and insurance requirements and record any other details that may affect the quotation.
  • Quote request submitted by client will load directly into your Moveware system and notify your sales staff
  • Client can print a list of their submitted details
  • Client can then follow the status of their quote online

Quotations & Invoicing

  • Detailed integration with Moveware’s powerful costing module
  • Allows you to provide multiple quotation Options to the Client
  • Client can accept quotations online and verify that they accept your Terms and Conditions
  • Once Booked, the quotation is locked
  • Invoices generated can also be viewed and printed online
  • World Pay and PayPal Interfaces in development, allowing clients to pay bills online
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Move Details

  • Client can view live details of their Move via any Web Browser
  • All main information is displayed, including addresses, dates, inventory, and shipment details
  • Ability to view their Quoted and Actual Inventory to compare
  • Clients can send and receive messages, share documents, and review required documents to be uploaded

Shipment Details

  • Client can view key Shipment Information at all times
  • Includes Destination Agent Contact Details
  • Shows Key Shipment Dates and Freight Information such as the Vessel, Voyage Number, and Shipping Line
  • Ability to show multiple shipment routing details
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client Feedback

  • Clients can provide online feedback on a set of customizable questions
  • Feedback loads directly into Moveware’s Review page
  • Clients can be automatically linked to the Feedback page through an automated e-mail sent directly from Moveware, reducing workload for your staff, giving the client the transparency of an independent review and giving you the quality control reporting you need

Other Useful Information

  • Customizable News Panel and News Page can be modified for clients based on Destination and type of move
  • Useful Links page directing clients to other websites relevant to their move
  • Information page with the ability to store links to key documents and forms
Useful Information
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