Remove the need for printed documents with this wireless application for Windows, IOS and Android mobile devices that allows your crew members to update move details, view job instructions, complete packing lists and itemized inventories, collect client signatures, and much more, all with one simple, easy-to-use tool.

Key Benefits

  • Sync inventory, collection, and delivery data directly to the Moveware system, giving users in the office instant access to the information
  • Electronic job sheets remove the need for paperwork, and eliminate ambiguous handwritten job descriptions
  • Professional presentation at client sites
  • Increased accuracy by replacing hand written inventories with an electronic list
  • Electronically record customer feedback, including signatures and comments
  • Increase efficiency by synchronizing and transferring all information remotely
  • Increase efficiency by synchronising and transferring all information remotely
  • Record additional move and inventory information with notes, photographs, videos and sketches as required.
Key Benefits
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Crew Management

  • Store complete move information including collection and delivery address Information and special instructions
  • Send move information electronically to the crew
  • Capture and store comments about the move
  • Perform site safety and hazard audits
  • Complete timesheet entry and status updates

Inventory Preparation

  • Prepare numbered electronic lists complete with discrepancies
  • Destinations and rooms are colour coded for easy recognition
  • Quick entry of items
  • Automatic numbering of items by destination
  • Rename items as required
  • View estimated inventory information completed by a surveyor to compare
  • Document complex items with photographs, videos and sketches.
  • Automatic barcoding
Inventory Preparation
Checking Off Items

Checking Off Items

  • Items can be checked off at all stages of the move
  • Easy checking by number
  • Barcode scanning checkoff available
  • Recording of crew member checking items and time checked
  • Document damages or condition changes on check off

Client Signatures and Feedback

  • Capture and store client signatures
  • Record client receipt and payment details
  • Execute on site performance reviews
  • Carry out customized reviews and checklists.
Client Signatures and Feedback
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Other Useful Information

  • Generate documents directly from the device
  • E-mail or SMS clients directly from MoveCrew
  • Plot collection and delivery addresses with Google Maps™
  • Multilingual language support
  • Automatic and manual status updates, synced with the devices GPS locator

System Requirements

  • Designed for Windows Tablet PCs with wireless internet, although runs on any Windows based PC with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 600
  • Inbuilt camera is optional for recording pictures.
System Requirements
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