MovePartner is another of our web-based products that allows you to work more closely with your Corporate Clients and Logistics Partners. It is a great offering for HR Managers who wish to view live information about their staff relocations, and interact directly with other Move Managers and Corporate Representatives.

It is also a great product for companies for whom you perform logistical services. They can enter bookings directly into your live system, speeding up the process and reducing errors. MovePartner also allows your clients to view detailed Account Information and will soon include the ability to pay invoices online as well.

Additionally, this product provides your client with a range of summary analytical reports , giving your clients unparalleled information transparency.

Key Features

  • Includes all of the main MoveClient features but with a global overview perspective rather than a per shipment view
  • Restricted and manageable live access for your corporate clients to their move files, reporting and account information
  • Shows analytical summary reports, helping reduce your external reporting requirements.
  • Provides a professional interface to your corporate clients.
  • Can reduce overheads by improving the communication with your corporate clients
  • Includes key account Information, including a list of their outstanding Invoices
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Account Details

  • Selected users can view detailed account History
  • Accounts can be accessed at a corporate parent (headquarters) or sub account Level
  • Client can communicate with you for non-move-related topics as well
  • Will soon be able to pay bills online
  • Users are able to download their invoices and save them in a PDF format

Add New Moves

  • Your clients can create new files, at any status (a new enquiry, a survey request, a new booked move) which will generate directly into your Moveware database
  • Saves time for you and significantly improves accuracy of Information
  • The add new move page can include different layouts to cater for your diverse clientele
  • When a job file is created, the client is provided with a Moveware reference number that will allow them to track progress of the move
  • Clients can record purchase order and their own file numbers
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Reporting and Summary information

  • MovePartner includes a variety of summary reporting
  • Users can search and find jobs by name, number, date, status, and more
  • Clients can accept quotations online and verify that they accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Ability to view a schedule of all key move dates for all active files by day, week, or job
  • Overall Correspondence view to allow users to track all communication between their relocatees and your company staff
  • Provides your corporate accounts the possibility of controlling your quality ratings as assessed by their employees

Move Details

  • Contains all the key job Information accessible in MoveClient
  • Corporate clients can monitor all jobs for their organization including key dates & shipment information
  • All correspondence can be viewed and client feedback monitored
  • Individual Job statuses can be tracked
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
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