MobiSurvey is an easy to use application designed to assist Surveyors with pre-move surveys and in-house sales visits.

A full room-by-room inventory tool that uses the latest technologies to facilitate the estimation process of a move, MobiSurvey, is a household and commercial surveying software, capable of running on iOS and Android operating systems, with wireless capability.

The MobiSurvey interface is extremely easy to use and can drastically reduce surveying time, increase data accuracy, and help you provide a more professional appearance to your potential customers. Full move management details are recorded, including a detailed inventory grouped by colour coded destinations and rooms. It also offers multi-language functionality.

Key Benefits

  • Professional presentation of your company at client sites
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of surveys
  • Specify a room, pack type and destination for each inventory item
  • Synchronise information remotely without being at your office
  • Generate Inventory Lists and other documents onsite
  • Capture photographs, crating requirements and sketches of complex items
  • User-friendly interface allows new staff to conduct accurate surveys and volume estimations with little guidance
  • Execute customized reviews and checklists onsite
  • Ensures adherence to company standards and guidelines
Key Benefits
Move Details

Move Details

  • Store complete collection and delivery address Information
  • Select from predefined lists for access check, lead sources, move types, etc. for quicker and more consistent data entry
  • Capture notes and special crew instructions
  • Conduct detailed onsite risk assessments
  • Plan moves with specified dates and diary actions, and ability to book on site.

Household Inventory

  • Colour-coded destinations for easy recognition
  • Easily create new rooms, and renaming function for client customization
  • Quick entry of items from the Inventory Pick List
  • Rename items as required
  • Quick Search for items by name or alphabetically
  • Document complex items by capturing photographs and sketches
  • Automatically calculate volumes
  • Capture crate sizes and other packing information
  • Optional default pack methods, quantities, rooms, and destinations for items
  • Varying Pack Methods and measurements can be customized based on the Move Type (e.g. International Moves versus Domestic Moves)
Household Inventory
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Generate client quotes on site
  • Produce an Inventory List report that is grouped by room and destination, with or without volumes.


  • Complete integration with Moveware with remote web syncing
  • Integration with Google Maps™
  • Generate documents and reports on site
  • Easy to learn and simple to use
  • E-mail and SMS clients directly from the application
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
System Requirements

System Requirements

  • A good quality phone or tablet running Android OS 10.0 and above, or iOS 11 and above
  • Minimum of 1Gb free disk space
  • Minimum of 6Gb of RAM memory for basic use but recommended 8GB for more intensive use with large numbers of items and photos
  • Wireless B/G/N network connection
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