MoveTransfer allows you to electronically exchange file and shipping details directly with your partners worldwide, increasing the speed and accuracy of the information interchange.

Received files are automatically imported into your Moveware system to create a file and alert your team of the new service booked.

This process can greatly reduce administrative overheads, and allow you to provide a more integrated door to door solution to your clients with quicker and precise information sharing.

Key Benefits

  • Electronically send and receive move & shipment details with participating partners
  • Send and receive attachments, including documents such as inventory lists and photos
  • Receive data directly to your own system
  • Save valuable data entry time
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Complete round-trip messaging to ensure the data is received and read
  • Available to both Moveware and non-Moveware companies
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Automated Process

  • The process commences at the point of dispatching the Manifest in Moveware
  • Notifications of new arrivals are delivered to corresponding staff
  • Inbound and outbound shipments are tracked in the Search window
  • Acknowledgements are returned to the sender
  • A single message is sent for Groupage Consignments
  • Included attachments are automatically allocated to the correct job or manifest.

Information Transferred

Files transferred via MoveTransfer contain information including:
  • Shipper/Client name and address information
  • Contact information, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Key shipment and move dates
  • Customs information
  • Insurance details
  • Storage charges where applicable
  • Type of job or move
  • Type of Service or transportation method
  • Origin and destination ports
  • Shipment details (BOL #, Container Number, Vessel name, etc.)
  • Agent contacts
  • Weights and measures
  • Allowances and invoicing instructions
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
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