Moveware, our flagship product, is a complete Move Management and Financial solution. It is designed to help your staff manage the entire moving process, from pre-move sales and operational planning, to manifesting and post-move review. It has a completely integrated accounting system, and includes an extensive range of Correspondence and Summary reports to give you an unprecedented view of your business.

Moveware is a highly scalable software; it has the capability to be used by small, single-branch operations, or multi-branch, companies that operate multiple currencies across the globe.

Find out more below about why Moveware is the most capable application to take your business further.

Move Management

Moveware provides you with all the tools and functionality you need to manage any type of move from start to finish in one single application.
  • Powerful search engines and ability to find clients quickly and easily based on any information contained in the move file, including just a phone number or e-mail address
  • Overall move details summary screen to view all the key information easily and clearly
  • Validated fields to ensure thorough data capture
  • Task manager, reminders and file audit trails, with detail logs of all client communication and key staff responsibilities
  • Shared appointment and surveys calendar
  • Sales Follow-up module to effectively maximize every opportunity
  • Comprehensive, flexible, and powerful costing module
  • Instant document production for all client correspondence that can be e-mailed, printed, or sent via SMS
  • Move Inventory with estimated and actual versions.
  • Alert system for important messages and reminders
  • Post-move review and claims management modules
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)


The Dashboard is a browser-based tool that allows you to quickly view key information about your company’s performance. The information can be accessed using any PC, Tablet, or handheld device that runs an internet browser. This will grant you real-time valuable analytical results of how your business is doing from anywhere in the world.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Many companies are realizing the benefits of utilizing a CRM software program to professionally manage sales, customer service, and marketing campaigns with both prospective and existing clients. As an all-in-one software solution, Moveware has an integrated and comprehensive CRM module that can be used with both private and corporate clients

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Complete Operational Planning

An operational daily diary shows all services booked by day, week and month. A simple ‘click-to-pick’ process is used to select which vehicles and staff are allocated to moves or other actions. It’s a fast, simple, and efficient way to manage operational planning, and allows the system to track all labour, vehicles, containers, and materials usage.
  • Resources can be allocated easily and directly to any operational action or service
  • Ability to have departmental daily diaries (i.e. Local Dispatch, Warehouse, Containers, Courier, etc.)
  • Actions can be 'completed' ensuring no daily tasks are overlooked
  • Daily messages can be added to notify staff of important events
  • Destination Summary screen to assist in scheduling runs and shared container loading
  • Inventory labels and stickers can be quickly and easily produced for each move directly from Moveware

Fully Integrated Accounting Package

One of the key advantages of Moveware is its inclusion of a fully-integrated General Ledger and Accounting system. In fact, we are the only dedicated moving software that provides its own, proprietary, accounting solution. This means all processes, reporting and resource management can be managed within one system, simply and easily, which enhances efficiency, increase visibility and provide instant “live” reporting at any time.
  • Customized chart of accounts
  • Set up budgets
  • Invoices are easily created directly from the move file, and all are linked to their accounts automatically
  • Easily manage Customer and Supplier accounts, including move/invoice history, aged balance, contact details, and more
  • Inherent accruals function and prepaid expenses calculations
  • Receipting function
  • Multiple currency, branch and company capable
  • Direct Debiting / electronic payments functions
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial reporting
Note: If preferred, Moveware can also be interfaced with most popular financial systems with our easy to use data import and export capabilities.


Electronic Shipment Manifests and Shipping Management”

Moveware provides a comprehensive Manifesting module to manage all your shipments and produce all required documentation, whether it’s exports or imports, sea, road or air.

A destination summary will highlight which jobs are awaiting shipment or will soon be arriving, allowing for professional planning and management.

Integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat

Synchronize tasks and appointments with your Outlook calendar and task list.
Read your Outlook inbox and link client and agent e-mails to their files directly in Moveware - including attachments
Use Outlook signatures on outgoing e-mails.
Create reports in excel and run documents in word.
Microsoft Outlook
Documents and Report creation

Documents and Report creation

Moveware will generate all documents your company requires by pulling the necessary data fields from the database. This includes your quotes, your work orders, bill of ladings, invoices, etc. In addition, Moveware will also produce all your analytical and financial reports by comparing the information recorded in the system. All of this at literally at the click of a button.
A variety of output options are available for both documents and reports, including PDF, HTML and Plain text e-mail, Microsoft Word and Excel, SMS messaging and, of course, simple printing.
“Intelligent” reports can be created using specific move data in order to populate specific wording (a popular feature for quote documents), avoiding the need for multiple report templates, and thus simplifying your setup and administration.
All reports and documents can be customized and made to be client-specific, as well as made to be run automatically on client pre-selected times and days, for automatic delivery to internal or external recipients.
Over 300 standard reports are already available, including analytical and financial reports such as Lead source analysis, Sales person analysis, Commissions calculator, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Aged accounts receivables, Non-Invoiced jobs, and Tax Summary.

Storage - including batch invoicing and automatic rate revision

Moveware allows for easy management of storage files. It is capable of handling a variety of billing functions, storage periods and one-off charges. It also tracks the containers and the storage location of customers’ goods.
  • Multiple storage accounts can be linked to a single customer account
  • Caters for Commercial storage operations, and automatic calculation of commercial bins storage charges
  • Inbuilt, easy to use automatic storage calculator and invoicing. You can generate all storage invoices for a given period within minutes.
  • Time-saving procedure for production of invoices for all storage accounts and e-mailing them to the individual clients in one simple action
  • Comprehensive reporting, including revenue per volume, storage efficiency and empty storage vaults
Personnel Management

Personnel Management

  • Create individual personnel files containing staff details
  • Control login information and user security within Moveware – limiting what functionality and which parts of the system each user can see or use
  • Record training courses and security clearance certificates
  • Log history of holidays, absences or any other events
  • A background recording system will always monitor key events of what each user does – enabling a full trail of events when required
  • Integrated timesheet system
  • Moveware can even be used to manage and process your payroll
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