Company History

Moveware, the Company, was formed by brothers Dean and Tony Kent in 2001 when they purchased the rights to Removals 2000 from Fitzpatrick Computing. With their strong industry knowledge and experience, they saw and seized the possibility of enhancing the small Australian user base of the product. Moveware soon began to see a consistent growth of clients within Australia, and initiated the challenging task of pushing the product into the global market. Our first overseas client was in NZ, where we signed Conroy Removals and the Moving Company, and soon after, clients in the UK and Singapore followed. The Moveware staff numbers began to steadily increase as we pushed further into the world market by signing numerous clients in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain and South Africa.

In mid-2007, Moveware opened an office in Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, and proceeded to gain some of the premier UK moving and storage companies as clients. In 2011, the office was moved to London, where the company’s growth significantly increased within the region, with Moveware as the software supplier for several major European companies.

In 2012, Moveware opened a third office in Toronto, Canada to offer better support to our North American clientele, which quickly expanded to also include companies from Central and South America.

In 2014, Moveware opened its fourth office in Bangkok, Thailand as our own internal support office to expand on our around the clock support coverage and capabilities.

Owners Dean and Tony, both continue to be full-time participants in the business, and have recently purchased a new facility to accommodate the ever-expanding Australian Operation.

The company is enormously proud of its staff involvement in the company's achievements and several of our key staff who have been with us through much of the journey and play an important role in its success.
  1. Mid 80’s - CB Systems employed to develop Kent Operating System
  2. Mid 90’s - Around 15 Companies using previous system
  3. 1999 - Agreement to redevelop in a Windows Environment
  4. 2001 - Rights to Removals 2000 bought by Dean and Tony Kent and Moveware formed
  5. 2002 - Moveware installed in by first NZ client companies
  6. 2003 - Moveware joins HHGFA and attends first conference in San Diego
  7. 2003 - First UK clients install Moveware
  8. 2003 - Moveware expands into Asia
  9. 2004 - Further international clients installed in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Spain
  10. 2005 - Completed Redevelopment of Moveware Accounting Module
  11. 2006 - Moveware sold to first South African client
  12. 2007 - Moveware UK office opened in Bournemouth
  13. 2008 - MoveSurvey released for Tablet PCs
  14. 2009 - B2B Web Products released
  15. 2010 - First relocation clients implement Moveware
  16. 2010 - Moveware signs the largest commercial mover in the UK
  17. 2010 - Moveware installed by first dedicated baggage-carrier company
  18. 2011 - MoveDSP is released
  19. 2011 - First logistics client implements Moveware
  20. 2011 - Moveware installed by first Van Line Agent company
  21. 2012 - European office moved from Bournemouth up to London
  22. 2012 - North American office opens
  23. 2012 - Moveware signs its first dedicated fine-arts shipper client
  24. 2013 - First Latin American client signs with Moveware
  25. 2013 - Moveware sold to first client to use Asset Management
  26. 2014 - Moveware opens its first support-only office in Bangkok, Thailand
  27. 2015 - Moveware emphasizes its presence in the Latin American region by joining LACMA
  28. 2016 - Moveware’s first North African client goes live with the program
  29. 2016 - Moveware’s first dedicated relocation company goes live with the program
  30. 2016 - Moveware upgrades to Moveware 8, which offers improved system performance and exciting new capabilities

Product History

Moveware, the Product, had its origins back in the mid 80’s, when a company called CB Systems was hired to develop an operations system for Kent Moving & Storage. The original product was a Unix-based system, and initially only provided basic invoicing and accounting functions. Over time, the application was enhanced to also incorporate the functionalities required by a multi-branch domestic and international business.

Several other companies, including numerous members of the Chess group in Australia, adopted the system, and by the mid 90’s the product was being used by more than a dozen client companies.

By the late 90’s the product had outgrown its capabilities and the need to update it and improve it became obvious if it was to remain a contender in the ever-growing competitive IT market. It was then decided to redevelop the application in a Windows environment, with Mark Fitzpatrick from CB Systems still spearheading the project and product. Along with the help of a steering committee, a total redevelopment of the product commenced, and by mid-1999, several companies had already implemented this new-and-improved application. ‘Removals 2000’, as it had come to be known then, continued to be enhanced, and by early 2001, it had been implemented in approximately 25 companies.

It is at this point that Mark Fitzpatrick sells the rights of the product to Dean and Tony Kent, who rebadge the program as Moveware, and continue the development. Many new features were then added, all which were driven by the needs of their expanding client base. Circa 2005, a total redevelopment of the Accounting portion of the product was undertaken with multi-company, multi-currency capabilities, and an improved integration with the core application.

Add-on products, such the tablet-based estimating tool MoveSurvey soon followed to be supplement our product offerings, and in more recent times, B2B web-based products such as MoveClient and MovePartner have enhanced the popularity of our product suite. Today, Moveware is used by more than 200 companies and 5000 users worldwide, with installations in over 25 countries around the world.

The Future

Moveware, the Company, continues its business expansion into the entirety of global market, with the consistent addition of clients in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, and all of the Americas (or in all corners of the world). Our goal, as always, is to maintain our status as leading global supplier, while we increase our presence in areas such as Africa and Asia, and continue our client growth into the regions of North and South America.

Moveware, the Product, will continue to be enhanced endlessly. The development team are always working on the next innovation, and are currently looking into moving Moveware into the Cloud. One thing is for sure, we will never cease to invest in Moveware, to guarantee that your investment is secure and ensure you receive the latest technologies available.

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