The Moveware implementation team has extensive experience in working with clients to ensure a timely, smooth and value-adding transition from existing systems.

Our approach ensures that client personnel are provided with the necessary tools, training and on-going support to maximise the value gained from using Moveware.

A guide to implementing Moveware

The foundation of every successful implementation starts with good (efficient) project management. This is why you will be assigned a dedicated project manager for your implementation, who will work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring every task is completed on time and to your satisfaction. While every implementation will vary slightly to cater for specific client requirements, it will typically involve the steps outlined below:

Preliminary Planning

At the beginning of every implementation, a detailed project plan will be put in place, outlining the project tasks, timelines and responsibilities. This initial plan will have an agreed upon "go-live date". This is followed by discussions with the client’s staff to identify both the company’s work processes and system functionalities to be used.

Software Installation

The software installation phase involves the installation of the database on the server and individual computers, as required, depending on the exact hardware and network configuration chosen by the customer.


Configuration is arguably the most important step of the implementation as it involves building a client’s specific database, including, but not limited to, standard processes, terminology, security levels, menus, inventory, chart of accounts, and much more, all designed in making Moveware match a company’s precise requirements. As part of this process it will be important as well for customer’s key staff to learn how to administer and setup Moveware, to ensure maximized use of the system from day one and into the future.

Document and Report writing

While Moveware comes standard with many reports and documents, which will be suitable for customer use without the need for modifications, some others will need to be modified and customized, such as the quote and invoice templates. There may also be requirements for new ones to be generated. This part of the project will ensure clients have all the required documents readily available to be created and/or printed from within Moveware.

Custom Development

Moveware has the capability to modify and enhance specific areas of the software at a customer’s request. All work required to modify the system’s code will be completed during this stage of the implementation.

Data Import

As part of the implementation, existing customer data and data tables can be imported into Moveware to avoid timely manual input. The scope of any data import possible would be determined at the initial stages, and would depend greatly on the ability of a client to export data from the system being replaced. Specific data import templates will be provided. Data imported may include debtor (customer) and creditor (vendor) master files, storage master files, inventory listings (such as vehicles, storage vaults and packing materials), employee listings, etc.


To ensure that your company will obtain the full benefit of Moveware, adequate training to all staff members will be provided. The amount of training required will vary with staff position specifications, and will depend also on the existing skill levels of staff.

Training programs, will be tailored to a company’s needs depending on their planned use of the system and company infrastructure. Intensive training will also be provided for key staff who can then help disseminate that information throughout the organization, and assist in the maintenance and administration of Moveware past the implementation stage.

Implementation Review

At the end of every project, a review will be completed to ensure that the system is performing as intended and to determine if further training and assistance is necessary.

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