Moving and relocation companies have very specific needs that off-the-shelf software applications are not built to handle. This is why we created Moveware – a custom solution made specifically for the Moving and Storage industry. Moveware was designed to include all the essential tools a moving company requires to operate efficiently and effectively.

A truly dedicated Solution

At Moveware we follow the simple motto of doing one thing, but doing it very, very well. That one thing for us is offering a dedicated moving and storage software solution. This means we only offer our products to mobility companies, offering services such as household and commercial moving, relocation, fine art transportation, storage and dedicated logistics. This dedication provides us with a very advantageous position in offering a software package that is truly driven by industry knowhow.

Moving Expertise

One of the many things you will find different with Moveware, is our moving-industry knowhow. We are not software providers turned into movers, but rather movers turned software providers. Moveware was originally designed by active moving professionals, and today we are proud to count over 100 years of moving experience among our staff members. This industry knowledge makes a big difference in our users’ experience with our support and implementation services, as no time is wasted on trying to explain the “why” of a system requirement to us. It is for this reason that we continue to invest on industry training for our staff members.

Industry Leaders

When you look at our combined industry expertise and dedication, it is no wonder we are considered by many the industry leaders in software solutions. We have always strived to offer a one-stop solution to all our clients, and this is why today Moveware is truly unrivalled in terms of system functionalities and capabilities. We service more mobility companies, in more countries, and with a broader spectrum of service offerings, than many of our competitors combined. In fact, Moveware is currently used to efficiently manage over 1400 moves every day!

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